Welcome to the club

As we mentioned last year, at Streema we’ve been focusing a significant amount of time into collaborating and communicating better among teams.

Along with the implementation of OKRs, we realized that it was difficult to connect them with our daily work. We struggled in finding a balance between 

Also, it was difficult to consolidate all our daily work into one place, accessible by anyone.

So, we began our research on different tools and frameworks to tackle this problem. We dug into Agile & Lean methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban. In the process, we found Clubhouse.io, a tool specially designed for these practices. It motivated us to rethink our work as small tasks that could be done in week-long iterations.

We started using Clubhouse.io three months ago and it has completely changed the way we communicate and collaborate.

To start with, we’ve become a more collaborative team. Everyone can check on the status of everything that we are currently working at and include their thoughts or suggestions. We spend less time on email writing and more time discussing ideas over tasks and milestones.

Work is more visible, hence more measurable and manageable. Dependencies that blocked us for hours or days are now clear and we can tackle them before starting to work on something.

Our team can now work more distributed than ever. No matter the time of day, everyone knows exactly what needs to be done to impact on the OKRs. We can work in different time zones without having to spend time catching up on meetings.

We believe we’ve started breaking new grounds in the cooperation and performance of our team, to build more and better experiences for our users.

Stay tuned!
The Streema Team