Simple Radio now available on Amazon Echo

At Streema we want to people to easily access great audio content and that’s why we are taking Simple Radio to every device on every platform. We are happy to share that Simple Radio is now available on Amazon Echo, so go ahead and check it out.

How do you enable Simple Radio on your Echo? The first step is to say: “Alexa, enable Simple Radio skill” or in the store.

Once you enable Simple Radio, can ask Alexa to play any station by just saying:
-“Alexa, ask Simple Radio to play KEXP”
-“Alexa, tell Simple Radio to play BBC Music”
-“Alexa, tell Simple Radio to tune in NPR”

Also, it’s easy to play the last station you listened to by just saying “Alexa, talk to Simple Radio” and Alexa will ask you if you want to resume.

At Streema we strive to go where people want to go and we firmly believe voice-activated platforms are the future of audio listening – they provide a simple way to seamlessly integrate into someone’s life, without friction, and we want your favorite radio station to make it there.

Stay tuned!
The Streema Team

6 thoughts on “Simple Radio now available on Amazon Echo

  • Simple Radio is the best to date platform bringing global music to the world under one roof. I grew up with Dxing (short wave radio listening) in 60’s through 80’s in India before relocating to USA. You have brought back my childhood and young days back with India’s Vividh Barati and Sadabahar “gem” apps. I am also enjoying ethiopian and African radios. Please keep up with your mission of bringing on-line music and live radio stations from around the world. I feel fortunate to having run into your app while searching for sadabahar music app after it got out of Tune In app. My best wishes to your team…..Sanjiv

  • Hi there, it appears that there is no Simple Radio Alexa Skill in the UK.
    Is that correct please? I have followed all on-line instructions, but always get ‘skill does not exist’.
    Is there a reason for this please? I can find nothing else regarding this anywhere on the Internet.

    • Hello Tim! Sadly, this is correct πŸ™ … But not to worry! We are planning on launching it next week! πŸ™‚

    • Good news! Ge got approved sooner than expected! πŸ™‚ you can now use Simple Radio on Alexa in the UK πŸ™‚ Enjoy!!

      • That’s great ! Yes, delighted to be able to report that this is most certainly now active and works well. Even the Alexa ‘search’ works quite accurately.

        By the way, not directly related… but if a station goes off-line briefly with a technical fault, obviously Streema can no longer stream that station. But then when the station goes back on-line having put things right, how long does it take for Streema to re-connect to that stream? Is is automatic? Does it try to connect again after x number of hours? Or does some ‘streema’ person need to physically reconnect?

        Thanks, great work.

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