1 year and 1M MAU on Android later

Simple Radio by Streema

Before the year came to an end, we wanted to take a little time with you to celebrate some of our milestones in this amazing 2015. 🙂

In particular, it has been an important year for us in mobile. We launched Simple Radio for Android in January and Simple Radio for Apple Watch in April. We also added Chromecast Support, to the delight of many of our users.

We wanted to make a special mention about our Android app: in less than 12 months we reached 1 million Monthly Active Users on that platform and its success led us to be featured on Google Play.

And finally, we have also been listening to you and working very hard to improve our product, a result of which is that Simple Radio now has a 4.4 rating out of 5 on Android and 4.5 over 5 on iOS.

We have big plans for 2016, so stay tuned.

Have a great holiday season. 🙂

The Streema Team

8 thoughts on “1 year and 1M MAU on Android later

  • Nevada Energy Increases

    I come to this meeting to put on the record my feelings. On the steps I made over the years to lower costs to make living on SSI much easier. I know we are only a grain of salt in a salt mine, but we should be considered, as consumers on how it affects us.

    Over time I haven steps to keep my costs down. Especially to cost of electricity. I seems as there will be no limit to the continues increases. Here are steps we took to make life easier on retirement.

    We first added insulation to attic, then E rated solar windows thermo panes, Of coarse the ele. rates went up. We had a more efficient, refrigerator, AC system, 15 ton system, Even the rates went up. ( and even changed all of our lighting to LED lights.)

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    We had the system up around in November of 2014, unfortunately we were one month to early for Nevada power refunds on what we make in power. They told us sorry but you are not included in that and that we could not get refund for ele. made. That we were stuck with that we could not be included. We would have to sell or credits. We were told no way we could change that. They used the Grandfather thing.

    Now I ask, with all the effort we made, not going on a nice trip, and doing the pre cost for retirement, That we done all the effort to help the environment. Now we are feeling like fools for not taking the trip. Sincerely John Brooks 6138 Elmira Drive Las Vegas Nevada 89118 Phone 702-239-9888

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