Say “Hi” to Dr. Streema!

We’re back and we wanted to introduce you to our friend “Dr. Streema”. 🙂

Dr. Streema is the gentleman you’ll find every time Streema is either on “Maintainance Mode” or an Error 500 appears – the latter means when our server is aware of encountering an error or is otherwise incapable of performing a request.

The design was made by our friend Agustin Di Luciano. In case there are any artists out there that are interested, Agustin used a regular pencil over white paper (90g) first, followed by India ink. He then “handpainted” on an iPhone with ArtStudio’s app and retouched it on Photoshop – yes, you heard right, it was painted on an iPhone! You can check out more of Agustin’s collection.

That’s all for now, say “Hi” to Dr. Streema – and “Goodbye”, because we hope you never need to meet him!

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team