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Ever since we started Streema, we knew that sooner or later, we would need to go mobile - actually, Maxwell Smart did exactly that with his "shoe phone" decades ago.

Over the past year, more and more mobile users have been coming to our site to listen to radio - and these same users have been requesting a Streema application for their mobile devices. We're thinking we should do something about it!

The mobile options today are so many, with platforms such as the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry...  choosing between stand-alone (native) apps vs web applications, it's not easy to pick the right one!  Some people even recommend that we develop something that works for all devices. Anyway, right now the only thing that we're 100% sure of is that there's enough evidence that radio is and will be consumed more and more while you're in a car, going out for a run, or anywhere away from home.

So, we are still trying to figure out our next move in the mobile space and here YOU can help us. 🙂 We've prepared a short survey that you can answer anonymously. Every second of your time can go a loooong way for us!

Once again, we're REALLY happy that you are a Streema user. Thanks for belonging to our community!

The Streema Team

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208 Responses to Streema and mobile devices – where should we start?

  1. Jennifer Miller says:

    Blackberry Torch app please ;o)

  2. Anna craig says:

    Do you have an iTunes app yet? If not, that’s a must! Then anyone with an IPhone or iPod can use your service.

  3. celine says:

    Android, please!

  4. Maureen Ann Rogers says:

    How I get veritas on my Blackberry Curve?

  5. Fernando says:

    iPhone/iPod app as soon as possible!!!.

  6. Dave says:

    Android solarradio app please. It’s the future.

  7. Erika says:

    I need DEFJAY 10 % RNB radio on my Blackberry please!!!

  8. Gabe says:

    I moved from Florida 5 yrs ago and I think it would be nice to be able to take a piece of my hometown with me on my Blackberry.I grew up listening to slammin’Felix Sama Babaloo bad boys……Power96 Apps? Soon?

  9. chuck says:

    Android!!! Firm called Visual Soft claim their windows media player for android should work but it doesn’t. Additionally, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

  10. Francisco says:

    Blackberry please 🙂 It will be great…. thank you and Regards from México

  11. Chaperon says:

    I got the app for my Ipod but I think only 3 of 11 station work

  12. Steve says:

    Android, by all means!

  13. angel diez says:

    android…..we want to listen on our phones!

  14. jjlim says:

    ipod touch/iphone please 🙂

  15. lchow says:

    iPod Touch app please

  16. Francisco says:

    Please add an App for Cidadefm Lisbon Portugal for Android. I’ve been wanting to listen to this station from Australia for years.
    Galaxy S

  17. biljen97 says:

    Blackberry app please asap.

  18. Marv Wigder says:

    Please start with a Blackberry app. It looks like iPhone and Android are covered already so you can do the most good here. I have a Blackberry Qualcomm 8330 Curve and I would love to listen WBEZ-FM 91.5 (Chicago public radio) on it.

  19. Freddie Edwards says:

    I would love one for Droid X

  20. Juan says:

    Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Please, in case you haven’t, complete our Mobile Survey: .

    Thank you very much!


  21. Mikey Mike says:

    BB please!!! 🙂
    I love the ability to hear music streams from Hawaii!!!!

  22. marius says:

    BB Torch! 😀

  23. Steve Timms says:

    +1 for Android running in the background please.

  24. Sharron Clemons says:

    I would love one for Droid X

  25. Josie says:

    Droid X please…………I guess that would be one for Android?

  26. Caroline says:

    Hi, I’m from Brazil and really enjoy Orbital Radio. Please, IPhone app!!!
    Thanks =)

  27. shoaib says:

    for blackberry please

  28. Andre says:

    Android app PLEASE!! ASAP!!!

  29. jared says:

    Please start with Iphone application streema!!!!!

  30. URMZ says:

    The Apple product family would be complete with the Streema application. As long as it works on a third generation iPod, i’m satisfied. Many apps in the iTunes store claim to “stream radio stations from all over the world” but the fact is – less than a quarter of them actually work. And the few that do stream music from US stations ONLY. Streema could easily become the most popular radio streaming app in the iTunes store.

  31. Alex says:

    Please Support the iPhone /iPod !

  32. Larry Horn says:

    Android, Android and Android. There, that’s 3 more!

  33. Angelo says:

    J need app for iphone for

  34. Chris says:

    Love the idea of getting to “the little stations” with an app. Start with iOS and Blackberry!

  35. jim says:


  36. Henk says:

    Is it possible to make an app voor the iPhone for NDR Kultur and BBC3?

  37. MDM says:

    app for Blackberry….need Red 96.7 (Trinidad)

  38. Joe Rauchut says:

    IPAD App, please

  39. sonay says:

    Blackberry bold 9700 app please! Thx

  40. Jim Burlingame says:

    Android please.

  41. Virginia says:


    I have a BB Torch. What do I need to do to have the application to listen to this radio

    Thanks for your response.

  42. Reinaldo Morales says:

    VID90 90.3FM

  43. Reinaldo Morales says:

    Love the Jazz

  44. Tom says:

    What are ye waiting for…. Android PLEASE!

  45. ivette says:

    Los40principales /exa matamoros for Android!!!

  46. Tim says:

    iPhone/iPod app as soon as possible PLEASE!

  47. Hayden says:

    iphone please, that would be really awesome

  48. Lucy Salazar says:

    want to listen to genesis 98.1 monterrey mx. thanks

  49. nervio says:

    one for blackberry pleaseeee, proton radio on my phone, priceless

  50. dario says:

    Application for listening big radio 1 on my blackberry bold 9700 thanks!!!

  51. krysten says:

    Blackberry curve 8520

  52. carlos says:

    iphone please!

  53. Frank says:

    Blackberry please!

  54. Andrew UK London says:

    Android the OS of the future!!! Need this app badly!!

  55. Yamile says:

    I’d lie to have an App for listening to Wild 955 through the WLDI broadcast on my iPhone!!!

  56. Drew says:

    please android

  57. claus says:

    Android please

  58. Dante Cross says:

    Iphone app! I would love to carry FMX on my ipod touch!

  59. Pete Holt says:

    Please can we have an APP for IPhone 4 please,
    I have players that play 1000,s but I like 1 app for 1 station
    I like apps I keep all good stations in 1 app folder
    Great Show, keep up the good work, and we hope
    The recent Weather Cyclone leaves you without any loss of LCD
    Thanks for a nice station.

  60. Pete Holt says:

    Predictive text sometimes says LCD
    Instead if Life, lol hope you guys are ok

  61. CJ Nottingham says:

    Android please.

  62. Jennifer says:

    Blackberry curve 8530 app please.

  63. Karen says:

    Android please. Samsung galaxy tab. Asap!

  64. Sandra says:

    iPhone 4g pls

  65. ali_parrot says:

    android please… thanks! : )

  66. Paula Duvall says:

    Please make a streaming app available, ASAP! Thanks!

  67. Deepti says:

    For Android please!!!

  68. Schahab says:

    iPhone/ iPod app as fast as you can please!!:))

  69. pete says:

    app for samsung captivate s please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Chex says:

    Dude! We need an iPhone app pronto!

  71. Sandra says:

    It’s ridiculous that there isn’t an app for all platforms as of yet. You need a survey? Seriously? Are your employees all 80 year old men?

  72. Kimberly says:

    Android. Yes please!

  73. KMatt88 says:

    Just one of the thousands of new Verizon Iphone users here, need an app for Kojo, please!

  74. Philip says:

    Definitely develop a BlackBerry app. I have a 9330, and ESPN radio is available, but I can’t choose the station I want unless it is on the existing list. Which it is not. I want to be able to choose my own local station, which is WNSP, broadcasting out of Mobile, AL.

  75. cb smith says:

    where can I get the wake android app for my incredible?

  76. Walter says:

    Easy FM app for Android please!!!

  77. Mary Kirves says:

    Android app pretty please!

  78. Devin says:

    Android please, and truly shouldn’t need a survey, need for all 3 major platforms.

  79. Anne says:

    Android, please!

  80. Mondo Technoir says:

    1. Android please!
    2. Google TV
    3. Apple TV (they’ll have to open to apps and Streema is no threat to them since you don’t sell nor rent music)
    4. Roku TV

    Any chance you can add this music channel?

    Great job on the Chrome Add-on! THANK YOU/ GRACIAS/ MERCI!, etc.

  81. Mondo Technoir says:

    ps Metatags on songs played live would be great (itunes and other players offer them for many years now… maybe not that difficult?) otherwise in most cases one has to navigate to the station’s site, search for playlist, etc…

    to then add it to Rhapsody or whatever streaming system one uses… so metatags would keep folks on Streema more steadily (therefore exposed to your advertisers)

  82. Gary Bang says:

    need app ipad for klvi am radio, beaumont tx

  83. Randy says:

    Android – KJEL 103.7 – Lebanon, MO

  84. Diana says:

    N-JOY for my Blackberry please 🙂

  85. Leslie G says:

    Please, I need an app for my iPad!!!

  86. John says:


    Have an app for BB Bold 9700? I want to listen Z93 salsa!!!

  87. Louis Brodeur says:

    Used to be able to stream CHOM from a bunch of different apps on my iphone Home Radio was one of them, now the stream is unavailable… what happened, I can stream a radio stations from Kuszikistan but not CHOM… what gives, Please make the stream available again to those apps or make you own app, here are the mobiles you need to do by importance: Android, Ios, Blackberry

  88. Tommy says:

    Blackberry Torch app !!!:)

  89. Felix says:

    iPhone app please. This way I will listen El Zol anywhere around the planet earth

  90. mel says:

    Blackberry bold app please

  91. Karine says:

    Blackberry Torch app please for Voltage!!!:) (Canada)

  92. keri says:

    i want the app on my android for 102 gospel jamz

  93. Karin says:

    WOW!!!!! I have moved from the west coast,east coast,west coast and back again to the east coast. I love Casey Kasem and his count down.I would love to have an app. for my iphone. I missed it when I was on the west coast.You are loved by many please get an app. soon!

  94. Kreg says:

    I use an iPhone on the go and an iPod Touch at work. An app just like all the other radio stations around here would be great!

  95. Kreg says:

    Making an app looks like it’d be simple. Z103, KBear 101.5, 1260AM, and others all around here appear to be using the same iPHone app. They just have different logos on the front. Check it out!

  96. Patricia says:

    HTC TMobile G2 please

  97. Tracy says:

    iPhone please.

  98. David says:


  99. Danny says:

    Can you just hurry up and make an app for anything its taking forever

  100. DJ MICHI says:

    android please i just got a motorola flip out and need to listin to yall !!!

  101. Jack Feng says:

    iphone please.

  102. marty radke says:

    Blackberruy app please

  103. Jenni says:


  104. Mary says:

    iPod AND Droid – we need both!

  105. Will says:

    An KXCI iPhone app! (I have an iPhone but a lot of people use Droid too.)

    Or, an app where I can make kxci my favorite station would be nice too. Currently, I know of no app that would allow me to either listen to kxci or to listen to local radio stations as a normal radio might (or to listen to the stations in a specified location).

  106. John says:

    I need WHAM on my Android ! Soon please !

  107. Jeff says:

    Android, Please!!!

  108. Tracey says:

    Would luv to have iphone/ipad app pls!

  109. Will says:

    Please provide app for my Blackberry Curve. Thank you!

  110. leon says:

    Need app for streaming kjazz 88.1 on android 2.2 .

  111. Bill says:

    Can you please email me and let me know when you will have an apparently for te Android OS.

    • Welcome says:

      Is it change people really need? Or, is it an undansterding of who they are. You touch on this in your post. Before change can happen, don’t you need to become self-aware first?

  112. Jaime says:

    Android FTW!!!

  113. Manny says:

    Need the app for my iPhone please… I would love to listen to my local stations wen I’m out of town!…

  114. Tony says:

    App for blackberry curve, please

  115. Stephanie says:

    Would love to listen to music from my loved city Stockholm…please app for iphone. Thx.

  116. bobcat says:

    BB app please

  117. Katherine says:

    I am very interested in an application for my Android phone so I can listen to KKOW 86 AM, Pittsburg, Kansas.
    Thank you,

  118. Joziel Andrade says:

    I’m a Brazilian (Sao Paulo City) and I am very interested in app for my blackberry curve, please!

  119. kelsey says:



  120. alison says:

    blackberry bold 9700

    thanks a lot!!!!!

  121. Jim says:

    Hurry up and get mobile device applications. That ‘s where it will take off. I have an iPad and iPhone. Get those apps developed ASAP.

  122. Tommy Lowery says:

    Please advise on an ap so I can listen on the android.

  123. navin says:

    App for blackberry bold please

  124. lewen says:

    android app please! Thank you

  125. LukeRebel 111 says:

    I would like to send you MUSIC by
    e-mail. Please send me your e-mail
    address and specify the type of music
    you prefer.
    Many thanks.
    SHOWBIZ Productions.
    This e-mail address for e-mail music.

  126. iphone user says:

    iphond and adroid are the mobile apps leaders and you should provide apps for both. there is already a competitor out there: ooTunes

  127. iphone user says:

    also just found iheartradio – iphone app. you guys are playing catch-up!

  128. huey wen says:

    Dear staff
    I need the apps, please!!

  129. Jan says:

    Andriod – for HTC Droid Incredible, please!

  130. Darcy says:

    Hi there lookin for the kraze app for bb torch 9800 thanx

  131. John says:

    Looking for an Android app for weatheradio in Canada.

  132. Joe Primrose says:

    need APP for I phone ASAP

  133. Susan toogood says:

    Android please fastest grow ing mobile platform in the world

  134. Francois van der merwe says:

    Iphone App, desperately required, no real working apps for listening to South Africa streaming audio availible

  135. Shenaaz says:

    Blackberry App PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  136. Jerry Isenhart says:

    You are looking for a Lake Chelan Police Scanner?
    I maintain a scanned with most o f the local 2 way radio channels

    It’s easy to find on our home page at


  137. albert_moni says:

    I have set this account up for my dad! He LOVES klrz. He listens on the computer everyday! Well he got a new ” smart phone “. Its the focus. Its a windows 7 phone. He really wants to b able to listing to his station on his phone so it can go where ever he goes!! Pplleeaassee help!!

  138. BGil says:

    blackeberry Bold , verizon. Galatz radio please

  139. Danelle says:

    Is there an app to listen to 94.7fm highveld stereo (south africa) on the blackberry 9780?

    Please help

  140. Kazo says:

    bb torch please

  141. Mark says:

    How to get Android apk ?

  142. WreckedGrl says:

    I am VERY interested in listening to my favorite radio station on my phone. It is wrew-hd2 The sound from Fairfield, OH. Do you have an android app yet whereby we can listen to it?


  143. Ivan Call says:

    Do you have an iphone application?

  144. Island Lady says:

    Would love an android app for KIXI

  145. Vikas Prasher says:

    Iphone app plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  146. Angel says:

    I would love an app for my blackberry 9330 curve for wmuz 103.5.

  147. Bob Cunningham says:

    Where’s the Mobile app for iPhone? KMJX 105.1 The Wolf out of Little Rock AR. Best country station ever!

  148. Victoria A. says:

    I need the Iphone APP for KAWZ 91.5 in JOnesboro, AR…This Christian station is an Awesome Blessing to the area.

  149. Ron L says:

    Need android app for radio mirchi 98.3fm India/Hyderabad

  150. D Shihinski says:

    I-phone and I-Pad app. please

  151. juan minchala says:

    hola amigos por favor me podrian desir como hago para tener la app para iphone por que nesecito la radio conmigo todo el tiempo porfis si no lo tienen aun para cuando estarian pensando en implementar estos servicios gracias por su tiempo

  152. Ronnie says:

    Iphone app please !!

  153. ramani says:

    Hi, can you tell me how can i get the application for blackberry please? From Paris, France

  154. Sunny says:

    application for android 2.2 pls?

  155. StarMagic says:

    iPod Touch Please!!! I’ve been looking for z102.9 for my iPod but they don’t have it, PLEASE make an app for it!!!


  156. Alicja says:

    iphone & ipad s’il vous plaît

  157. Gladys C says:

    iPod touch plz ASAP!

  158. Nathan Heller says:

    Yes, please, PLEASE an app for Blackberry please please please….I see you have one out for the iphone, ipad folks, but many of us professionals are on blackberry. Please!

  159. Ulrike says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring out a beautiful application to listen to WMBI Chicago’s Christian Radio on the iPad2 !!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
    iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad

  160. Maria says:

    I would like the app for iPhone please!

  161. Steve says:

    I grew up in NYC and would love to listen to WFAN on my iphone – please make this happen!!! Thank You!

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  163. AAD says:

    Need Doctor Radio on my Android

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  167. Dennis Funk says:

    Really would like an iPad application. Why can’t I listen to 95.7 using Tune In radio?

  168. Roger Hopkins says:

    I have been trying to tune in Montana front porch radio KXZI but safaria won’t let me download windows media player for my iPad so definately would like and would pay for an App

  169. shane says:

    Go to utube and type in thewireless center pimps, and let me know what you think and can you repeat your text number again please, and thank you and have a great day

  170. Melissa says:

    Iphone Moo 92 app please 🙂 !!!!

  171. Kekulu says:

    How do i get a Metrofm APP for my Ipad 2 tablet? All i can find was a Yfm app and i need Metrofm. Please help!!!!!

  172. kristhian says:

    android please!!

  173. Tom Engesser says:

    I am looking for an iPod / iPhone app to listen to:

    Shanghai East Radio 89.9 FM to listen to this station the 6 months we are not present in Shanghai.

    Is an app planned in the near future?

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  176. John Rogers says:

    IPhone and iPad plz

  177. Ben says:

    Windows Phone, please! Not many people use it, but it’ll be nice to have. Plus, their app store is rapidly growing, so help them out.

  178. Soph says:

    BlackBerry PlayBook please!

  179. Mats says:

    Iphone/Ipod app would be great and with support for Airplay!
    Or add to TuneIn, local stations.

  180. Sebastian says:

    BlackBerry Curve 9300 and Playbook BlackBerry please!!!


  181. Linda Meade-Tollin says:

    Please develop a mobile Android app that will work on Samsung and HTC phones and soon!! Thanks.

  182. Kitzy Goguen says:

    Iphone app would be great!! I do miss my acadian music!

  183. Shannon jordan says:

    Really need an iPad/iPad app!

  184. Lisa Anderson says:

    Iphone app would be great! I really enjoy southern gospel music and it is harder to find.

  185. technology, information, howto, news says:

    Hello there, just turned into aware of your weblog thru Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels. I will be grateful in case you continue this in future. Many folks shall be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  186. TheTurkeySoider says:

    iPhone – iTouch app please. Packer Games soon.

    Please advise

  187. ttgreen77 says:

    Apps plz u guys r gr8

    • Emily says:

      This is where your genome project becomes inrlepcmhensiboe. You love apple, but not for the two categories in which you place her, but for other attributes you don’t otherwise categorize.

  188. leanjerry says:

    Blackberry App. please

  189. dpdevaal says:

    iPhone app please.

  190. Ibrahim Bilik says:

    Respect the android users please!

  191. servicio tecnico lg says:

    and already we foulbrood broadcasting from culaquier device

  192. ERIC ALISIGWE says:

    An serious issue i will like 2 discourse with capital FM, Base on the lean on me programe. Pls how can i get in touch with capital FM, pls kindly snd me the address or u call me on this 08064498373 it’s important thanks

  193. alfonso says:

    Need blackberry APP 8520

  194. Bert Arnold says:

    please, android

  195. Kathleen Kobelka says:

    Can I get CBC radio FM on my IPad

  196. Kevin Hadassin says:

    So after wading thru all the pages of buls….. – where is the app for iphones?

  197. Karyn Baugh says:

    I live in Cincinnati Ohio an I enjoy watching Wkrc channel 12 but can’t watch it on my iPad while on the go….when will there be an app for that? I am being fored to watch other channels that already have an app.

  198. Carol Inniss says:

    iPhone app, please already!! I love my radio station and would love to be able to access them away from a computer or actual radio. Thanks!!

  199. Carol Inniss says:

    My radio station is Radio Nueva Vida en Camarillo, CA. Que Dios les bendiga todos!!

  200. Meilseoir Schwartzthal says:

    An app for BlackBerry (BlackBerry Curve) would be a great (much needed) service to us BlackBerry (loyal) users. “Alternatives” (such as Nobex) leave much to want, namely smaller college stations (WXPL, WUML etc). You are left with only the availability of the larger college stations (WZBC, WERS). I noticed that some of those mentioned stations are available on streema, and I’d hope it would be safe to assume that they’d also be available on the mobile/BlackBerry app version of streema.

  201. Learn more here says:

    I don’t create a comment, however after reading a few of the responses on Streema and mobile devices – where should we start?. I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright.
    Could it be just me or do a few of the comments look like they are written by brain dead folks?
    😛 And, if you are posting at additional sites, I’d like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list of all of your shared pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  202. Amos Mj. says:

    Hi, i use NOKIA X2 is possible to listening Tanzania Fm radios?

  203. Khaled Moahmed says:

    I would like to put these stations on my Iphone4
    Khaled Mohamed

  204. IGcall says:

    Hey there, I hadn’t thought of it like that….

    I mostly sure I agree, but I need help understanding your third paragraph
    for me?

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