Streema and mobile devices – where should we start?

Ever since we started Streema, we knew that sooner or later, we would need to go mobile – actually, Maxwell Smart did exactly that with his “shoe phone” decades ago.

Over the past year, more and more mobile users have been coming to our site to listen to radio – and these same users have been requesting a Streema application for their mobile devices. We’re thinking we should do something about it!

The mobile options today are so many, with platforms such as the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry…  choosing between stand-alone (native) apps vs web applications, it’s not easy to pick the right one!  Some people even recommend that we develop something that works for all devices. Anyway, right now the only thing that we’re 100% sure of is that there’s enough evidence that radio is and will be consumed more and more while you’re in a car, going out for a run, or anywhere away from home.

So, we are still trying to figure out our next move in the mobile space and here YOU can help us. 🙂 We’ve prepared a short survey that you can answer anonymously. Every second of your time can go a loooong way for us!

Once again, we’re REALLY happy that you are a Streema user. Thanks for belonging to our community!

The Streema Team

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