New Settings section and more cool stuff for the Streema application on Facebook!

Hello Streema users!

We’ve been working hard on the Streema Facebook application and we now bring you another update on this front.

Following the release of the Streema Profile Tab a few weeks ago, we’ve launched a Settings section which groups all the integrations points for Streema. The Settings section may not sound like something that really kicks ass, or something to throw a party for, but it will really enable you to configure and customize your Streema experience even more. : )

Some of the key features you’ll be able to set up in this section are:

Streema on Facebook - Main Profile Box– Profile Box: A box that displays the 5 latest radios played by you in your profile (see image on the left).

– Status Update: Allows you to update your Status on Facebook when you’re listening to a radio.

– Notification Emails: Enables us to notify you via email every time you receive a Recommendation from your friends.

For more information, we encourage you to visit this section, and if you have any doubts, please, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We hope we’ve answered to your feature requests and we look forward to continue developing a better Facebook application.

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

2 thoughts on “New Settings section and more cool stuff for the Streema application on Facebook!

  • Chicos!!…antes q nada felicitaciones por la aplicación!!…me encanta!!…ya estuve probando los nuevos “chiches” y están muy buenos!!…ahora es más fácil y rápido encontrar y compartir radios buenas q otros se molestaron en buscar jaja…les deseo muchísimos éxitos!!…sigan trabajando así!!

  • streema has changed my life! it’s awfull great to be able to listen to so many radio stations by just making one or two clicks. Tks for so many hours of free entertainment ha ha ha.

    BTW, i have a facebook page about my radio station (it’s a small local rock station here in San Francisco), and it would be great if you guys developed some kind of widget so i can add it to my page, so my users can listen my station via streema.

    thanks in advance!

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