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A few users asked us how they could find out when we make a new blog post. There are currently two ways to do that:

  • Feed Reader (what is this? see here). If you use a feed reader, just click on the orange RSS logo on the top right of the sidebar.
  • Email. Click here or on the sidebar link that says "Subscribe by Email". You'll receive an email as soon as we post something on our blog. We've syndicated the service to FeedBurner, who we trust and is easy to use.

For any of these options, you can easily subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you want with just a few clicks. Hope this information is useful. : )

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

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One Response to Stay Tuned to the Streema Blog: RSS Feeds & Email

  1. emiliano says:

    RSS in Plain English: A video for those that haven’t yet felt the power of our friend the RSS reader. If you know someone who would love RSS and hasn’t yet tried it (maybe that’s you!) this is THE video to check

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