New Design for the Radio Widget!

We have some good news for our lovely users who are embedding (or will like to embed) the Radio Widget on their blogs, websites and social profiles: we redesigned the widget we launched last year!

Based on user feedback, the redesign mainly consisted of giving the widget a more lively and fresh look. Additionally, now you can customize the background color with the following options: Vintage Grey, Streema Blue, Freaky Fuchsia, Sassy Orange, and for the audacious ones out there… Yoshi Green. 😉

Go ahead and check it out for Fusion Radio Chicago:

The redesign not only involved the Radio Widget for a single station, but also the Radio Badge for stations that don't have a streaming URL as well as the Radio Widget for multiple radio stations that appear on the right column of the Radio Station Directory.

As we mentioned in our previous widget post, that was a first version of the widget - so you can consider this the second one. We look forward to hearing from you and making new changes in the future, like offering more colors and even bigger dimensions.

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

PS: Just in case you're wondering: if you have already embedded the previous widget, in order to get the new design, you'll need to copy and paste the new code.

PS2: With regards to the "surprise" we mentioned previously, we promise it will be on our next blog post! 😉

The Streema Radio Widget is finally here!

Today we are reeeeaaally happy to announce we’ve released the first version of the Streema Widget!!  This has been one of the most requested features, so we hope you really enjoy it!

The widget enables anybody to grab a simple piece of code from our site and bring radio into your blog, website or social profile. In order to play a radio, it calls up a pop-up player (very similar to the one used in our application for Facebook Pages), so that people can continue browsing your site while enjoying a great station chosen by you.

Check out how it works right here in this blog post for Radio Orbital (to grab the code for this station, go here). If you want to select another radio station, just go to our radio directory, go to a station’s profile, and once there, click on “Get this Radio Widget”.

Although we know this is a basic version, we want to let you know that we’d still love to launch a wider family of widgets, where you’ll be able to customize the color, dimension, and appearance.  Remember, the more feedback you give us about this, the better it will get. 🙂

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team