Improving Radio Player Performance at Streema

Following the improvements we mentioned in our previous blog post, now we’re back with more news about our player – after all, Streema is about playing radio and TV. 🙂

Before we start, something important to mention is that, as we’ve explained before, Streema does not provide the streaming service, but rather it provides the platform for tuning in to stations. However, in many cases we’re not able to play a radio or TV station because there’s a broken stream or because we don’t find compatible players. Here are some figures to explain that better:

For our Radio Desktop users*, last month (August 2013) 70.3% of them were able to play a radio station, while that number was only 57.6% a year ago (August 2012).

*These figures do not include external players – if they did,
the percentage of successful tune ins would be much higher.


To do so, a big part of the work was fixing and updating thousands of streams. Additionally, we have also improved how the plugins work as well as the number of plugins supported – for example, last year 13.4% of our users couldn’t play a station because a of plugin compatibility issue, today that number is only 6.1%.

As you might know, a plugin is a software that allows, in our case, to play a station in your browser, so part of our job is to find plugins that will make the audio and video work on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

All this has been the result of both testing and measuring better as well as understanding the behavior of our users. Thanks for listening and watching!

Hopefully in the not so distant future we’ll have a chance to share some data regarding mobile as well as TV.

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

The new design for has finally made it out!!

As we mentioned over two weeks ago, we’ve been working really hard to develop a new design for Today we can say it is finally with us – yeeeaaahhh!

So… go to and you’ll see that we’ve changed the WHOLE front end of our site. This has involved the design and architecture of images and objects, any message, alert or notification displayed, the color palette and even the Streema Logo! We hope this will improve and enhance your experience on our site.

Besides the “design”, the main differences you’ll experience as a user are: a new Home page you get when not logged in; and the development of a Player (check the mockup below) which lets us hide the ugly Windows Media or the Real Audio players – although you’ll still need to have them installed on your computer in order to play all the stations in our Radio Directory, exactly as it works nowadays. There are other cool new things on our site, but we’ll leave you to discover them on your own. : )

Well, we’re really excited about this big change and we hope we’ve chosen the right path. We still think there’s room for improvement, so we specially request you to tell us what you like and don’t like. Thanks and enjoy the new !!

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team