Our TV experience has improved and now supports Picture in Picture

Our TV experience has a lot of room for improvement, and we love to take on this kind of challenge.

In August, we updated our TV player to match the one we are currently using for radio at Streema.com to provide a better and more cohesive experience.

Also, the logic behind our TV stream playback has been improved. Now, we have a better understanding of whether a TV stream is working or not and can choose in real-time which TV stream would result in a better experience for the user (as we do with radio).

Among other improvements, our new TV player allows Picture in Picture, which means you can enjoy your TV channel while browsing outside of Streema.

To enable Picture in Picture, just click on the second icon from the right.

Enable PiP with the second icon from the right

A small screen will hover over the web content that you are watching, as long as you keep the original Streema tab open. You can also close the small screen and return to the original TV to keep watching the content at Streema.

We have big plans for TV, including bringing more TV channels to Streema in the near future. So, as we always say: stay tuned!

The Streema Team

Saying Hello to Service Cloud

We’ve come a long way using Desk.com for Salesforce.

Almost every email, message or tweet sent to us was read and solved by our attentive Customer Support Team. (If you ever wrote us, you’ll know what we mean). For every one of these replies, we used Desk.com.

It’s been a long time since we started using this platform, and it has satisfied most of our needs so far. However, we felt we needed a fresh start with a new tool in order to face more challenges and bring faster and better answer to our users.

Now, our time has come to move on to another tool by Salesforce: Service Cloud. We are excited about the new features aimed at leveraging our Customer Support team that Service Cloud provides.

At the same time, we are working on updating our Help Center, not only its content but also its interface. Soon, the Help Center will be migrated to Service Cloud and have a new look & feel.

We are also improving our documentation, and bringing together bugs and issues reported among different tools, so all the information is right at the fingertips of our Support Team.

Exciting times at Customer Support, and Streema!

Stay tuned!
The Streema Team