Simple Radio Now Has 1M Monthly Active Users on Mobile

As you may have noticed, we’ve been very quiet at Streema – no big news announcements nor blog posts over the past few months. The truth is that it’s been a busy time here. We’ve been quietly working on a few different things, the most important being listening to your feedback and improving our Simple Radio application.

Well, we can say that the work is paying off: even though we launched Simple Radio less than a year ago – 11 months ago on October 27, 2014 to be exact – we’re proud to say that we recently hit the 1M MAU milestone. Even more importantly, those are happy users that have sent us thousands of happy messages as well as given us a 4.5 average rating across mobile platforms, making us one of the highest rated radio apps out there.

We’re still hard at work, since the work is never finished, but wanted to take a moment to share the good news. 

Thanks again for being part of our story. 🙂

The Streema Team

14 thoughts on “Simple Radio Now Has 1M Monthly Active Users on Mobile

    • I am muslim from bay area and i listen to KSFO 560 for long time.
      Today while driving to work i was listening your station and was disgusted by the comments the host made about muslims. He seems
      to be highly educated but making a comment on muslim was quite discriminative nature. I wonder how much did he get paid to say
      nonsense about muslim. His humor was like” muslim trading Burka for Bikini, falafeel for pork chops and so on. I am highly convinced that he
      was paid handsomely to make those anti muslim comments. Abdullah

  • I paid FULL PRICE for this about 1 month ago.

    …and just updated this app – they took away paid for app and left me with the shitty free commercial ridden app. RIP OFF.



  • But I just updated this app and they took away paid for app and left me with the shitty free commercial ridden app. RIP OFF.



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