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Learn or improve your Spanish skills with Radio! And check out these other fun ways too!




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 Master your Spanish speaking skills in 10 ultimate steps

1) Register in and download the app
2) Level Up in Duolingo!
3) Watch TV/Movies in Spanish with Subtitles on Netflix or Mexican TV with
4) Install the app, available for Android and iOS. Learn a new word every day
5) Join a MeetUp in your city and have live conversations
Try Japaños!
6) Learn slang listening to radio with
Have a Taco!
7) Learn about "Lucha Libre"
8) Practice video calling real people with
9) Travel to Mexico
Have a Tequila shot
10) Date a Spanish-speaking person 😉

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

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6 Responses to Master your Spanish speaking skills in 10 ultimate steps [Infographic]

  1. Wayne Buss says:

    Even though I am not a Catholic I have been Listening to your station at work, from Medicine Hat Alberta Canada for some time now and I am thorouighly impressed with your quality of music selections and that there is not the repitative nature or canned music that other broadcasters utilize in their programing. Keep up the great job of keeping Christians inspired and refreshed. Your station is the first time I can honestly say yours station is number one for choice of music for any time listening.

    God Bless you as you continue to minister to your listeners.

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  3. radio revolution says:

    radio revolution depuis brasil la station du chanson

  4. Stone Port tiles says:

    Nice channel! i heard it for long!

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