World Cup 2014 – Group Round is Over but Round of 16 is Coming Up!

Hi Streema Soccer Fans!

It’s been an awesome Group Round at the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the teams are now getting ready for the Round of 16, which starts in a few hours.

There were upsets, exciting games, and many surprises along the way. As expected, Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and The Netherlands took the first place in their respective groups. On the other hand, previous World Cup 2010 Champion Spain started the tournament getting crushed by a Dutch team looking for revenge from the Final four years ago and didn’t make it past the Group Round. Equally surprising was that neither Italy nor England made it in the “Group of Death”, where Costa Rica emerged as one of the unexpected successes, advancing to the Round of 16 for the 2nd time in only four World Cup appearances.

As for the players, top players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez unfortunately won’t continue in the World Cup, but for very different reasons: the first because his team couldn’t make it past the group stage and the second because he took a leaf from Hannibal Lecter’s playbook. Also, barring a miracle, it looks like Argentine forward Kun Agüero won’t recover in time from his slight injury to play in Argentina’s next game against Switzerland.

However, in the running for the Golden Shoe Award, top scorers Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr are doing their thing with 4 goals each, but Thomas Mueller is right up there with them for a three way tie, with six other players right behind with 3 goals. The previous World Cup top scorer, Mueller himself, had 5 goals at the end of the 2010 tournament, so it looks like this year’s leading scorer at the end on the World Cup will greatly exceed that number.

As for the matches coming up in the Round of 16, they are nonetheless are very exciting! Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up during the next four days:

Saturday June 28th
1pm Brazil vs Chile 
5pm Colombia vs Uruguay

Sunday June 29th
1pm Netherlands vs Mexico
5pm Costa Rica vs Greece

Monday June 30th
1pm France vs Nigeria
5pm Germany vs Algeria

Tuesday July 1st
1pm Argentina vs Switzerland
5pm Belgium vs USA

As usual, you can watch or listen to these games and more here at Streema. Have a great soccer weekend!

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

6 thoughts on “World Cup 2014 – Group Round is Over but Round of 16 is Coming Up!

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