World Cup 2014 – Less than 10 Days Away, Teams of 23 Have Been Announced

One phrase from a very known Latin American country goes like this: “there are 40 million national team coaches here”. This in a country that has a population of 40 million! So, you can guess that as the final list of 23 players came out yesterday, there were millions of fans around the world that disagreed with their respective national coaches. Even when the preliminary list of 30 players came out a few weeks ago, there was controversy.

As for the players themselves, there has been talk around the web about the awesome ones that have been left out in the successive series of cuts. Here’s just a short list that would make one cry… Ashley Cole (England), Carlos Tevez (Argentina), Kaká (Brazil), Mario Gomez (Germany), Nasri (France), Radamel Falcão (Colombia), Ever Banega (Argentina), Jean Armel Kana-Biyik (Cameroon), and Luke Wilkshire (Australia), to name a few. Of course, this is in addition to those players that aren’t coming to the World Cup because their teams didn’t qualify – again you will be missed Zlatan!

With less than 10 days left until the start of the tournament, you must be wondering where to watch the World Cup games on internet TV or how to listen to them via online radio. As we mentioned recently, we had a small announcement to make regarding the World Cup. Get ready as there is now a section specifically for World Cup 2014 Radio and TV at Streema, where you can watch live games on TV or listen to each match via hand picked radio stations. Check it out!

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