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Over the past few months we have received requests from 3rd party developers to use our radio directory in their own applications.  And while thinking about an API has been entertaining, for now we’ve had to focus our efforts on other aspects of Streema.  Well, we wanted to let you know that recently we made an exception when a developer we’ve known for a while, @thepose, asked us if he could create a Chrome Extension to use with Streema.  We figured it couldn’t hurt to experiment, so we gave him the green light… and now there’s a new way to listen to radio on Chrome:  the Radio Player for Streema extension.

Now, before we continue, for those of you that are not familiar with Chrome or Chrome Extensions, let us give you a very quick intro:  Chrome is a Web Browser, much like Internet Explorer or Firefox, and it’s developed by Google; and Extensions are handy and useful applications that enhance your browsing experience on Chrome.

The extension Radio Player for Streema brings you the possibility to tune in to your favorite radio stations while you continue surfing the web.  Among it’s main features, the Extension has a notification system that displays the song for the stations that have Now Playing information available. Please, try it outshare it with your network, and give us your feedback!

In addition to being very happy to know that our users now have another way to enjoy Streema, we’re also happy to experiment with the idea of working with third party developers.  Our radio station directory contains tens of thousands of stations, from more than 230 countries and covering over 190 genres.  If you have thoughts about how to integrate it into another platform, do share them with us, we are always open to new ideas.

Radio is a powerful medium, traditionally broadcasted through the airwaves – but today, it’s future is on the Internet.  The huge challenge will be to find the way it will be consumed:  PCs, mobiles, cars, game consoles…?  Most likely, it’ll be all of them.

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

PS: Too much information? Still confused? Just follow the instructions:

5 thoughts on “Chrome Extension for Streema

  • Hi,

    I’m a big fan of Streema. The Chrome extension worked fine in my Win XP computer but I bought a new one with Windows 7 and most stations I have in my presets (many!) are not working from the extension.

    An example is 1.FM Flashback Alternatives

    which will play my win xp and my roku sound bridge and my tunein (android) and radio time, but not in Win7’s Chrome. Like that many.

    Are you going to solve this in the next upgrade?

    ps can’t wait for an Android App (like many folks I’m sure.) Have you guys not seen who much/fast Android OS is growing?

  • …gahbmwm5, Flash ran outside the sdbnaox is arguably less secure than the outdated flash that’s at least sdbnaoxed..:Thanks William, good to know…kind of new to this appealing browser..lolUse to utilize FF, but have switched to Chrome…Always fun, frustrating at times, but it ‘gets-in-your-blood’ following the development!

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