Streema has just launched a new application for Facebook Pages!

So, we have some more good news: today we released a new application for Facebook called “Streema Radio Tuner for Pages“. If you have a Facebook Page, this application is for you!

“Streema Radio Tuner for Pages” allows you to add a radio station to your Page, so that visitors can listen to radio directly from there. Clearly, we weren’t satisfied with only one application, so we created another one! 😛

Jokes aside, what happened was that many Radio Owners, DJs, and Producers wanted to include our classic application “Streema Radio Tuner” on their Pages, so we figured we’d give them a way to do that.

With this new application, we hope to approach many Radio Page owners or any Page administrators who want to improve their visitors’ experience. This is something really new, so we look forward to receive your feedback!

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

PS: If you have a radio, band, or any other music-related product or service, we highly recommend creating a Page on Facebook by following a few easy steps. For more information, click here.

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