Radio News – Virgin Radio relaunches as Absolute Radio

As mentioned in a previous post on the Streema blog, Virgin Radio was acquired a couple of months ago and was going to be rebranded. Well, it finally happened: Virgin Radio has now changed its name to Absolute Radio. This rebranding includes the three stations they have nowadays: Virgin Radio, Virgin Radio Classic Rock and Virgin Radio Xtreme – they are now called Absolute Radio, Absolute Classic Rock and Absolute Xtreme.

Meanwhile, you’ll find them in our directory as:

We’ve been listening to Absolute Classic Rock and… what can we say? It’s not the same! The presenters speak in the same way, but the music is already changing. Well, we’re total old schoolers, but it’s true that maybe this will make it a better station in the future… we’re not sure and we’d love to hear your opinion!

Stay tuned for the new design that’s coming to town… 😉

The Streema Team

8 thoughts on “Radio News – Virgin Radio relaunches as Absolute Radio

  • I woke up this morning with my favourite radio and a brand new design! I know it’s been a huge effort so Congratulations Guys, looks great!
    Best Wishes!


  • Hello from Woodstock,

    We’re very happy to be part of Streema with our three channels…Radio Woodstock which features great live music from concerts, festivals and in-studio performances from around the world, Radio Woodstock 69 which plays only music from the original Woodstock era (1967-1972) and WDST, Woodstock’s hometown radio station. We’re based in Utopia Studios in Woodstock, New York and would love to hear what you think about our channels.

    Peace, love, music,

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