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As we've mentioned before, we've been working really hard to develop a new design for - and today we can say we are very close launching it or, in other words, bringing it to town! : )

The big reason for this redesign is that we needed to give our already very useful site a "cool" look while keeping it as user friendly as possible. We hope this will improve and enhance your experience at our site.

As an avant premiere for our blog readers, below you can see how the Homepage will look as soon as you get to for the first time, before logging in:

We are really excited about this big change and we hope the next post about will be about launching this cool new design!

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

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27 Responses to The new design for is coming… to town!

  1. emi says:

    great news guys!

  2. Jose says:

    Really cool guys! Love the orange radio!

  3. jochii min n says:

    Hi little ones!
    Definitely it looks way better than the old version! a radioless life, like it!
    This website is the result of a very good idea! keep on going!
    you rock! and so the website of course.. ja!
    stayy tunee!

  4. jochii min n says:

    tomorro I’ll give you my adress to receive the invitation
    for the big-streema-partyy!!

  5. Mariano says:

    Congratulations guys!. What a fancy design!. I want to be part of streema party 🙂 .

  6. Matias Sulzberger says:

    Congratulations! Very 2.0!

  7. MOliver says:

    Hi guys!
    I really like the new design.
    Congratulations to the Streema Team!
    Looking forward to see it on line soon.

  8. Georgina says:

    heyy guys, congratulations! I have to say I’m very impressed with the new streema! I Can’t wait to use it!! =)

  9. Vale says:

    Amazing design!

    It seems very friendly and juvenile!


    Do not make us wait!

  10. Fred Schejtman says:

    Congrats!! Awesome & cool design! Looking forward to use it.



  11. Nico Diaz Pais says:

    I can’t wait to use it!! Congratulations guys, you did a great work

  12. agvstin says:

    Looking good guys! Congratulations!
    I’ll be waiting for it!
    Keep it uuuuup!

  13. Guido says:

    Awesome!!! You have developed a great tool guys! Keep on!

  14. Juan Bensi says:

    Great News! Really I proud of you and STREEMA!. I hope to enjoy it as soon as possible.


  15. Juan says:

    Thanks everybody for your comments! We’ll keep you updated about the new design – yeahhh, and of course, we’ll also let you know when we have a celebration. : )

  16. Ale says:

    Great work guys!

    Keep going!

    I want to celebrate!!!


  17. agustindl says:

    Hey guys, the new design looks AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!

    It seems you’ve put a lot of thinking on it. Great job.

    We love you Streema,

  18. Joaquina says:

    Streema mi nueva compañia de todos los dias!
    Gracias por estar.
    Espero ansiosa la nueva imagen.

  19. May says:

    Congrats mates…I can’t wait to use it
    I’m impressed with the achievement. The new design looks really COOL.

  20. Joe says:

    Wooowwww, that looks really good! I can’t wait to see it online!!
    Congrats folks!!!! I’m tuned 😉

  21. Aluén says:

    Felicitaciones!!!!… y gracias por hacer que cada vez sea mas fácil escuchar buena música!!….éxitos!!

  22. Luli says:

    grosssssoooo, cuánto glamour!

  23. Juan Catalano says:

    Hi! I already like the new look and I’ve only seen one screen. Looking forward to use the brand new Streema. Congrats!


  24. Joaquina says:

    Felicitaciones Streema, me ancanta la nueva imagen!

  25. Maureen says:

    Buenaaaa!!!!!!!! 🙂 Congrats chicos!!!!!!!
    Me gusto la radio, más color!!!
    Muy bueno, besos Mora!

  26. Salomon Delgado says:

    From California, Wishing you the best…you guys are great, do you ever play A Little Corner of My world by Anita Grant. Hope you have it…it’s great Good Luck !!

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