The new design for is coming… to town!

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve been working really hard to develop a new design for – and today we can say we are very close launching it or, in other words, bringing it to town! : )

The big reason for this redesign is that we needed to give our already very useful site a “cool” look while keeping it as user friendly as possible. We hope this will improve and enhance your experience at our site.

As an avant premiere for our blog readers, below you can see how the Homepage will look as soon as you get to for the first time, before logging in:

We are really excited about this big change and we hope the next post about will be about launching this cool new design!

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

Streema and the Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

We periodically receive many inquiries regarding browsers, the most common ones being “What’s the best browser?” and “What’s the best browser to run Streema on?”. However, recently the most popular inquiries have revolved around the following question: “Why doesn’t Streema work in Chrome?”.

The potential answers for the first question are quite personal. Within our team, we can say that the PC users prefer Firefox and the Mac users prefer Safari. : )

As for the second question, Streema should work fine on:

  • Internet Explorer: The last two versions, 6 and 7.
  • Mozilla Firefox: The last two versions as well, 2 and 3.
  • Safari: The last two as well, versions 2 and 3.

If you don’t know which version you’re using, just go to your browser’s menu, click on the “Help” tab, and then “About [browser’s name]”.

Last week, Google launched their new browser called Chrome. We’ve seen that, for the time being, it doesn’t support the Windows Media Player. In other words, although Streema looks great on it, our site won’t work with Chrome when you play most of the stations on our directory. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to let all you Chrome fans know!

Touching the same point, there is a similar problem if you use Opera with the last version, although it can be solved using MPlayer or VLC Media Player.

For more info, please visit our FAQs section, or contact us via the contact form or email us at info at streema dot com. Hope we’ve cleared most of your doubts. : )

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

New Settings section and more cool stuff for the Streema application on Facebook!

Hello Streema users!

We’ve been working hard on the Streema Facebook application and we now bring you another update on this front.

Following the release of the Streema Profile Tab a few weeks ago, we’ve launched a Settings section which groups all the integrations points for Streema. The Settings section may not sound like something that really kicks ass, or something to throw a party for, but it will really enable you to configure and customize your Streema experience even more. : )

Some of the key features you’ll be able to set up in this section are:

Streema on Facebook - Main Profile Box– Profile Box: A box that displays the 5 latest radios played by you in your profile (see image on the left).

– Status Update: Allows you to update your Status on Facebook when you’re listening to a radio.

– Notification Emails: Enables us to notify you via email every time you receive a Recommendation from your friends.

For more information, we encourage you to visit this section, and if you have any doubts, please, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We hope we’ve answered to your feature requests and we look forward to continue developing a better Facebook application.

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team