Surge in Asian Streema users causes downtime in our service.

Dear Streema Community,

As we shared with you in our previous post, this past week Streema has been mentioned a lot around the web. That has turned out to be a mixed blessing for Streema as it has been traditionally for many startups: the great news is that word is getting around about us… but the bad news is that these visits came at an unexpected time in our development and literally crashed our servers.

Three websites from Japan –, and – sent so many visitors that it brought down both and our Facebook application for several hours at a time during yesterday and today. And they still continue to do this as we write this post! We wanted this to happen after July, with our new design and a different server infrastructure than the one we have now, but the Web works in mysterious ways. : )

Apart from saying “we’re sorry” to those of you that have experienced problems accessing our site, we also wanted to let our users know that we are working hard to resolve these scalability issues promptly.

If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to email us at info at streema dot com.

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

5 thoughts on “Surge in Asian Streema users causes downtime in our service.

  • Don’t worry guys,
    I’m sure you’ll sort this out, fingers crossed and congratulations for the sudden success!

  • Great design!! im looking foward for the new page! I hope you keep up to the great combination of design/funcionality you have nowadays!! im still laughing of the ninja, couldnt be more representative!!

  • jajaja increible ver q se lo tomaron con una sonrisa, felicitaciones por estar devuelta! sigan asi! me mato el grafico, me rei 15 horas seguidas

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