Continue Improving our Facebook Application!

Hi Streema users! We would like to share with you some of the improvements we’ve made to our Facebook Application.

  • Good bye to pop-up blockers!
    Finally, we’ve found a way to avoid having you change your web browser’s pop-up blocker to use our app. This is a big improvement since many new users had problems using our application when they would click on the play buttons and our pop-up with the media player didn’t come up. If you were one of those, be sure to check out our new version!
  • Showing a larger number of Recent Listeners
    We’ve have increase the amount of Recent Listeners to 10 Friends. They now appear with a larger picture too, hope you like this change! =)
  • Removed the box with the Friends who have added Streema
    We’ve removed this box since we figured there was other information that was more appropriate for the “Home” section. For now you can see the friends who have added the app in the About Page, although soon we’ll be developing a few more community aspects to our app which will include that information.
  • Additional station info in the pop-up player
    The pop-up which contains the player and the radio station info also includes a link to the radio’s homepage and a Report Link to inform us when a radio is not working – just like at! =)
  • FAQs Update
    We’ve updated our our FAQs section. If you have any doubt about this or anything else, visit our FAQs or drop us a line!

Before we leave, we also want to pre-announce that soon we’ll be launching a series of Charts as we’ve done on along with notification emails to keep you updated.

Don’t forget to check out our new and improved Streema App to listen to your favorite radios.

That’s all for now. And for those Facebook users out there, thank you for spreading the word about us!

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

3 thoughts on “Continue Improving our Facebook Application!

  • excelent! I’ve been using the facebook up more and more lately.. Those improvements are much appreciated.. Thank you guys!!!

  • WOW!! It seems a lot has been happening on Streema’s facebook app. I just found out and can’t wait to start enjoying all the improvements!! THANK GOD no more pop-up blockers!! lol !!
    Streema is for sure THE greatest online radio experience I ever known..
    Thank u guys so much!! ;o)

    out & about..and always tuned!


  • Great improvements!! They really make a difference!

    Keep working in this way, Streema is really great!


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