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Hi Streema Soccer Fans!

What does a sports network like ESPN, an accounting firm like PwC, and a banking powerhouse like Goldman Sachs have in common? Not much, other than they all made predictions for this World Cup. :)

Just for fun, we looked at how these predictions faired in the Group Phase that recently wrapped up. We analyzed each of the predictions from these three organizations as well as for Bloomberg, The Economist, and Yahoo. Specifically in ESPN's case they had both a crowdsourced prediction through the ESPN Bracket Predictor feature as well as a more editorial prediction through FiveThirtyEight a recently launched ESPN-owned website, so we included both. In our analysis, we found some surprising results and you would never guess which organization made the best Group Phase predictions. You can see that and more in the infographic below. :)

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Brought to you by your favorite radio and television station directory. :)

Stay tuned!

The Streema Team

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2 Responses to The Best (and Worst) Predictions of the World Cup’s Group Phase [Infographic]

  1. Jan says:

    BBC world news seems to have 2 streams mixed up, with each stream intermittently cutting in and out

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